DC Xtracts

DC Xtracts – Disposable Vape Carts – Full Gram

DC Xtracts is a cannabis processing company located in Washington DC and have been in operation since 2016. Made with cannabis derived terpenes. No botanicals all cannabis flower. Full Spectrum Oil (FSO): Straight from the extractor. No post processing needed. In supercritical CO2 extraction, temperature and pressure are used to create phase changes in CO2. It goes from being gas to displaying properties of both gas and a liquid. It has a gas like viscosity and low surface tension, so it more easily penetrates porous solids than a liquid. This results in a substance that forces our compounds of plant matter based on their weights. Adjusting the pressure you can tune the CO2 to create a very precise environment whereby the superficial  fluid will only extract the most desirable components. While CO2 extraction involves complex pieces of equipment, it requires little or no post processing, unlike other extraction methods.

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