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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican paints itself as a super strong psychedelic mushroom judging on the opinions of those who’ve tried it. Apparently, this strain has some pretty strong hallucinations during the initial onset of the psychedelia. Your senses could also get scrambled pretty easily by a wave of potent euphoria that energizes your brain. Still, you should lose your focus instantly after Puerto Rican attacks your mind with its intoxication. Synesthesia and time warps may be in store, as well. From what we’ve gathered on its effects, Puerto Rican could very well be an efficient treatment for a number of medical conditions and symptoms. It’s mostly related to mental issues or afflictions that have to do with the mind and brain. But, if taken in the right dose, Puerto Rican could also help treat: Anxiety Depression, Chronic pains, Inflammation, Fibromyalgia, Autism, Cluster headaches Caution: regardless of strain mushroom effects will differ from person to person. Always start with a small dose and don’t rush into increasing your dosage.

  • 0.1-0.35g – Microdose – background work, you may feel a slight boost in mood and some extra energy
  • 0.5-1.5g – Light dose – recreational
  • 2-3.5g – Moderate dose – recreational – closed eye visuals, very euphoric
  • 4-5g – Strong dose – bordering on a spiritual dose, open and closed eye visuals usually
  • 5g+ – Heroic or Spiritual dose – intense visuals and euphoria, high doses like this are where people usually experience an altered sense of self or ego death
Benefits of Microdosing #1
Benefits of Microdosing #2
Benefits of Microdosing #3

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