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Sweat Helmet

Clones must be ordered and paid 2 weeks and paid in advance. A strong yielder with reliable potency, Grease Monkey has been paired with strains like Lemon Tree, Runtz, Zkittlez and its own father, Cookies & Cream, to create strains popular in their own right. My handful of experiences with Grease Monkey provided nothing memorable, but finding out that Den-Rec, a Denver operation run by Ryan Bufkin, had taken in a Grease Monkey child was enough for me to give the family tree another chance. And after a week of amazing sleep, I might have to give more Exotic Genetix relatives a call. Den-Rec's Grease Monkey foray was Sweat Helmet, a nighttime hybrid with a Sunset Sherbet mother. Although a funky helmet didn't sound like the first thing I wanted in my joint, the jar of gleaming violet buds seduced me on sight, and the sharp, sweet flavor quickly disarmed my concerns. This Sweat Helmet swiftly won me over in a way that musty Pro-Techs at the skate park never would.

$ 100

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